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Hathazari 100MW Power Plant Project (Dual fuel based HFO Fired Engine Generating Set) having net output 98.164 MW at site conditions of 35°C, 1.013 bar, 98% RH at Hathazari, Chittagong under Construction of 820 MW Peaking Power Plant (HFO Fired Engine Generating Sets & Dual-Fuel GT) Projects.

 A Power Station with HFO fired Engine Generator Sets of 100 MW+/-.15% total net capacity at site conditions (35°C, 1.013 bar, 98% RH) has been set up by Power Development Board at Hathazari, Chittagong a district in the south-east part of Bangladesh and close to Chittagong port.

The Plant consisting of maximum identical units having capacity not less than 5 MW has been installed in the space as per site layout. The Project has been implemented on turnkey basis from GOB fund.

The Power Station has been connected with the Hathazari 132 kv Grid Sub-Station through cable and other electrical equipment as per single line diagram.

The project may be classified into the following broad areas. Details are however given later in the scope of work.

  1. Survey preparation of drawing, land development, landscaping of the proposed site.
  2. The supply and construction of the Power plant equipment.
  3. Equipping of 132 kv material/equipment at the HV switchyard as per single line diagram enclosed.
  4. Supply and Construction of all civil work including control room, administrative building, internal roads, boundary etc.
  5. Supply and construction of entire Fuel system for the plant, fire protection system etc.

Scope of work of the project:

The total project work has covered the complete design, engineering (including supply of all calculation & settings), manufacturing, inspection, testing, supply, delivery to the site, construction, erection, installation, testing & commissioning, commercial operation and supervision of operation & maintenance for the first twenty four (24) months after satisfactory performance tests of a Generating Unit, and associated equipment at Hathazari on full turnkey basis under GOB Fund.

The equipment provided are proven type and design, having total net rating at site condition (35°C, 1.013 bar, 98% relative humidity) of 100MW+/-10% power plant consisting of not more than 16 identical units of engine generators (heavy duty, medium speed [500-750 rpm], diesel cycle engine – HFO fired with provision to convert it to natural gas fired in future). The Net Power Output will be measured at Generator Terminal/primary side of Step up transformer excluding auxiliary consumption.